Bryan Hawker Biography

Bryan Hawker is an experience business professional and business leader.  He has been awarded several business awards for his successes and over 15 years experience managing and leading up to 5,000 employees for businesses with annual revenues over $200 million. Bryan Hawker has been involved in a number of charitable organizations that help at risk teens and organizations that fight inner-city hunger.

Mr Hawker has served a chief operating officer and chief executive officer in a number of industries such as consumer durables, financial services and consumer beverages. Bryan Hawker’s business knowledge covers both domestic and international distribution channels encompassing  retail, wholesale and direct sales markets.

Bryan Hawker was cited as a very savvy entrepreneur and business executive with an in depth knowledge of the business environment. His business philosophy has always been to under promise and over deliver which is always one of his strongest character traits. One CEO praised Bryan Hawker by saying “Bryan has always provided executive leadership for the Corporate as well as the Customer Experience. He helped to ensure the customer experience to continue as our company underwent phenomenal growth because of his involvement with us. His ability to analyze not only the needs of our company, but how to organize that into meeting our customer’s needs was just so remarkable. He is a great example to everyone he meets.”

If Bryan Hawker has a flaw, it’s that he is high in demand and really loves his work.  He states “Business is not simply a job where I go each day and hope to get something accomplished, it is my passion, the driving force that makes me who I am.” and “Succeeding at anything you love to do, provides an enormous sense of satisfaction and self fulfillment.”

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